Newsletter Committee

Pine Mill Ranch newsletter

The Pine Mill Ranch Newsletter Committee serves as the official communication tool from the HOA to residents. Newsletters are printed on a quarterly basis, falling on the months of January, April, July, and October. The newsletter has several standing sections, including the HOA Board Update, Upcoming Events, Seasonal Lawn Care Tips, and Committee Updates (Events Committee, Architectural Review Committee, Swim Team Committee, Newsletter Committee, Neighborhood Aesthetics Committee, and Website Committee). If you’re interested in volunteering to support our community, consider joining the newsletter committee! The PMR Newsletter Committee is actively seeking volunteers to serve as an Advertisement Coordinator and a Content Manager. For details, please email the committee at:

Event Committee

The Pine Mill Ranch Event Committee serves several very important roles. The committee is responsible for planning, scheduling and organizing the events throughout the year, directing the activities of the PMR community, ensuring the events are well organized and implemented,  and achieving  the desired outcomes. The Event Committee tries hard to make all events FUN! The committee has organized and scheduled these PMR community events: Spring Garage sale, Easter Egg Hunt, Run the Ranch 5k, Fall Garage sale, National Night out, and photos with Santa. If you are interested in volunteering to support our Event Committee, please email the committee at

Aesthetics Committee

The Pine Mill Ranch Aesthetics Committee serves to help ensure the integrity of our community regarding common areas, homes and property, and amenities in accordance with the PMR By-Laws.

Your aesthetics committee works in partnership with RealManage, who oversees our PMR Community to ensure our homeowners follow and maintain their homes and property in accordance with the By-Laws they agreed and signed when they joined our community. This committee, along with RealManage representatives, makes routine inspections throughout the PMR community on a regular basis and if anything is noticed as being out of accordance with the requirements of our By-Laws, then RealManage will issue the homeowner a letter regarding the violation and list a period of time for the homeowner to correct it.

It is important for all our residents to help maintain the integrity of the PMR Community, as this has a direct impact on our home and property values. It is the HOA Boards desire to maintain a healthy and vibrant community where we can live and raise our family and maintain the value of our investment into the future. If you notice items within PMR that you believe maybe out of accordance with the requirements of the PMR By-Laws, please contact our RealManage representative, Arianna Lunaat and inform her of it. We are always looking for volunteers within our community to help on our committee, so if you have a desire to help us please inform Lisa as well and the HOA Board liaison will get in touch with you to let you know how you can join.

ARC Committee

The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for review of the requests to changes to homes and property within Pine Mill Ranch. The ARC is also responsible for the audit and inspection of the neighborhood for non-conformance of homes. The ARC committee continues to create inspection guidelines for our neighborhood. This effort will be completed and fully operational by the end of the year. We will be looking for volunteers to support the ARC committee in January. If you are interested in helping please submit your name and contact information to Arianna Luna.

ARC Requests

Please complete and submit your Architectural changes to Arianna Luna at The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for review of the requests to changes to homes and property within Pine Mill Ranch.
ARC Request Form

Swim Team Committee

Our Swim Team is the largest group within Pine Mill Ranch, but does not use funds from the PMR HOA. The committee works with the swim team for the purpose of overseeing the use of PMR pool and storage areas. The committee does not dictate the practice and meet schedule of the team, however, time slots are provided to limit the impact to the residents.